Our Vision

Cambia wishes to see a vibrant public and private sector contributing myriad solutions to diverse challenges worldwide…

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Our History

For nearly three decades, Cambia has created new biological enabling technologies, distributed, and supported these technologies…

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Our News

For the latest information about Cambia’s contributions and media releases and news, please see our general news…

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Enabling Innovation

Cambia is a non profit social enterprise, creating new tools, technologies, and paradigms to promote change and enable innovation.

Our mission is to democratize innovation: to create a more equitable and inclusive capability to solve problems using science and technology. Our institutional ethos is built around an awareness of the need and opportunity for local commitment to achieving lasting solutions to food security, agricultural, public health and environmental problems.

Our Vision

Human creativity and science can be harnessed through social, economic, and environmental responsibility for improving quality of life, and for promoting sound business and prosperous communities.

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Free, Open and Private 
Innovation Cartography

The Lens serves global patent and scholarly knowledge as a public resource to make science- and technology-enabled problem solving more effective, efficient and inclusive.

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