BiOS (Biological Open Source)

BiOS [‘baI os] noun 1.(from Greek, βiος) life; 2.(acronym)  Biological Innovation for Open Society; 3.(acronym) Biological Open Source; 4. Biological Innovation through Open Science; 5. Biologial Input / Output System;  6. Biological Operating Systems; 7. an initiative of CAMBIA.

BiOS is a response to inequities in food security, nutrition, health, natural resource management and energy.   Our goal is to democratise problem solving to enable diverse solutions through decentralised innovation.

Open Source

We promote an innovation paradigm that focuses on a distinction between the tools of innovation and the products. We promote licenses that couple rights with responsibilities to foster efficient development, improvement, sharing and use of technology.

Open Science

We create and share new biological enabling technologies and platforms that can be used to deliver innovations.   We develop new  licensing and distributive collaboration mechanisms that have resonance with the open source software movement, but are tailored for biological innovation.

Open Society

We enhance the transparency, accessibility and capability to use all the tools of science, whether patentedopen access or public domain.