BiOS-compatible Agreement Listing

The benefits of a BiOS-compatible agreement to those who execute it are both economic and non-economic. They include:

  • the ability to access the intelligence, creativity, goodwill, and testing facilities of a larger and wider community of researchers and innovators;
  • decreased transactions costs relative to out-licensing or obtaining technology via bilateral license agreements;
  • the potential of portfolio growth through synergies obtained by combining pieces of technology that may, by themselves, be too small to make a profit, or lack sufficient freedom to operate or enablement;
  • high leverage of costly investments in obtaining proofs of concept, developing improvements, and obtaining regulatory and utility data
  • ability to commercialise products without an additional royalty burden

Bios-compatible agreements offered by CAMBIA

These agreements were developed with the input of legal and business professionals.  Please feel free to send us your comments as well on them.  We would love to hear your feedback. You can email Richard or Osmat Jefferson.