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Read the BiOS Initiative proposal as a PDF
This is an expansion of the original proposal, of which translations may be found below.

Multilingual Versions

As part of the BiOS committment to enabling innovation around the world, we have been working to offer translated versions of the BIOS initiative.  Ultimately we would like to offer translations of other parts of this website, the Patent Lens and the BioForge website, so if you would like to be part of this effort to increase transparency and access for a wider community, please contact us.  We are particularly interested in translations for the languages of innovative communities such as Farsi, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, French and Russian.

Because the BiOS Initiative comprises many ideas that are innovative or that have legal and scientific nuances, translations are not always straightforward. We welcome volunteers with translation skills as well as those who can read draft translations in any of these languages and will volunteer to help improve the expression and precision of the complex ideas.

BiOS Initiative_traditional Ch
Thanks to Selia Wu for voluntary translation of the Initiative into traditional Chinese.

BiOS Initiative_simplified Ch
Thanks to Dr. Yang Wei and Ms. Selia Wu for translation of the Initiative into simplified Chinese.

BiOS Initiative Spanish
Thanks to Andrés Pinzón and his team of Sara S. González, Luis E. Coy, María E. Arrieta, Sofía González and Diego Raiño in Colombia for voluntarily translating a significant part of the Initiative into Spanish. 

BiOS Initiative in Italian
Thanks to Luca Brivio for voluntarily translating the entire Initiative.

BiOS Initiative in Arabic.
Thanks to Dr. Osmat Azzam-Jefferson and Mr. Mohammed Berjaoui for working on the translation.

We welcome feedback and encourage visitors to report any problems or errors in the documents listed above via email to Richard or Osmat Jefferson