BiOS Initiative

The BiOS Initiative is fundamentally an effort to develop new innovation ecosystems for disadvantaged communities and neglected priorities.

BiOS, Biological Innovation for Open Society, holds to a ‘3-D’ philosophy espoused by its founding institute, CAMBIA.

Democratize, Decentralize and Diversify:

human creativity and science can be harnessed through social, economic, and environmental responsibility for improving quality of life, and for promoting sound business and prosperous communities.

Design, Develop, and Disseminate:

grand philosophical ambitions must be grounded with practical tools for achieving the goals in a meaningful time frame. The communications and information technology revolutions afford unique abilities to harvest and share information, knowledge and wisdom within and between communities that have been marginalized or inadequately served.

The BiOS Initiative uses the communications tools of the Internet and open source to generate open access to capabilities for innovation.  We believe that doing this will greatly multiply the potential for public good.

The BiOS initiative will foster decentralized, cooperative innovation in the application of biological technologies, through the merging of:

  • intellectual property informatics and analysis
  • innovation system structural reform
  • cooperative open access technology development activities