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Biological Gene Transfer System for Eukaryotic Cells (TransBacter™) This invention relates generally to technologies for the transfer of nucleic acids molecules to eukaryotic cells. In particular non-pathogenic species of bacteria that interact with plant cells are used to transfer nucleic acid sequences. The bacteria for transforming plants usually contain binary vectors, such as a plasmid with a vir region of a Ti plasmid and a plasmid with a T region containing a DNA sequence of interest. Published in the United States as US 2005/0289672 and US 2005/0289667, and as PCT Publication WO 2006/004914, and as European Patent Application EP 1781082 and as application number 200580029146.8 in China.  More information about TransBacter

Modified glucuronidase genes from Microbial genes for secreted β-glucuronidases, gene products and uses thereof (GUSPlus™) Escherichia coli and glucuronidase genes from other microbes which encode forms of β-glucuronidase with different properties, e.g:

secreted forms, are provided. These genes and the proteins they encode may be used as effectors in transformation of plant cells, and for other uses in plant biotechnology. Animal and health applications may also be made available. Issued in the United States as Patent Numbers 6,391,547 and 6,641,996; soon to be issued are US 7,087,420 and European Patent 1 012 294
. Further applications are pending in the United States (see US 2003229921 and 2003157684). Issued in Australia as Patent Number 760275. Issued in New Zealand as Patent Number 1485. An application published as WO 00/055333 is pending in Australia (see AU 760275), Canada, and Europe. An application published as WO 99/13085 is pending in Brazil, Canada, and Israel.

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Fungal β-glucuronidase Genes and Gene Products

Nucleic acid sequences, gene products, expression vectors and host cells suitable for expressing β-glucuronidase are provided. In addition, uses of the β-glucuronidase as a visual and as a selectable marker for transformation are also described. Issued in the United States as US Patent 7,148,407. Also published as WO 2005/068617 A2.

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Vertebrate Telomerase and Splice Variants

These patents were filed at nearly the same time as patents held by Geron, but cover the splice variants the Geron patents do not. Issued in the United States as US Patent 6,916,642, US Patent 6,846,662, in Korea as Patent 581990, and applications pending as US published application 2005/176022, Australia 748,442, NZ 501,962, Brasil P19810643-0, Canada 2,294,792, China 98808383.3, EP 04026579.5, HK 01101501.9, Israel 133830, Japan 11-508771, Mexico 000196, and WO 1999/001560. These will be available under a

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