Cambia’s Mission & Ethos & Vision


Our mission is to democratize innovation: to create a more equitable and inclusive capability to solve problems using science and technology.


Cambia wishes to see a vibrant public and private sector contributing myriad solutions to diverse challenges worldwide.

Our institutional ethos is built around an awareness of the need and opportunity for local commitment to achieving lasting solutions to food security, agricultural, public health and environmental problems. We envision a situation in which the broadest community of problem solvers are empowered with new technologies to become innovators in developing their own solutions to the challenges they face – solutions for which they feel ownership.

  • Symptoms
    Nutritional deficiencies, food shortages, crop failures, population growth, poverty, environmental degradation and loss of biodiversity… all are often perceived as major problems facing the world today. In fact, these are only symptoms of the real problem.
  • Problem
    The real problem lies with our way of interacting with the natural world and each other.  Agriculture is increasingly uncoupled from the environmental systems in which it operates. The available diversity – biological, genetic, ecosystem and social – has not been adequately embraced and the imagination and commitment of people and societies has not been sufficiently engaged in the process of innovation. This is not sustainable in the long term for environments or societies. Working towards a solution…
  • Steps towards a Solution
    Cambia, a small institution, can have a disproportionately large effect when its interventions are catalytic. Cambia does this through strategic design, development and delivery of new technologies, competencies and policies.

Due in part to the cumbersome and expensive nature of many of the technologies available and the legal and policy umbrellas in which they act, transnational companies are increasingly centralising control and production of life sciences products, and are thus dominating the technology landscape in agriculture and health. This has resulted in unprecedented public concerns over the new technologies used and missed opportunities to use new technologies for public good, especially in less developed countries.

Cambia wishes to see a vibrant public and private sector contributing myriad solutions to diverse challenges worldwide.   This vision requires new enabling technologies, paradigms, policies, information and decision support that can break the logjam stifling creative business and public initiatives.

Our 3D vision

Priorities in 3D: Democratize, Decentralize and Diversify.

Human creativity and science can be harnessed through social, economic, and environmental responsibility for improving quality of life, and for promoting sound business and prosperous communities.

Action in 3D:  Design, Develop, and Disseminate.

Grand philosophical ambitions must be grounded with practical tools for achieving the goals in a meaningful time frame. The communications and information technology revolutions afford unique abilities to harvest and share information, knowledge and wisdom within and between communities that have been marginalized or inadequately served.