Cambia’s Structure

Cambia is an autonomous, not-for-profit international research organization and social enterprise. Cambia is a registered Non-Government Organization with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, and the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Within Australia, Cambia is registered with the Australian Securities and Invesment Commission(ASIC) in the Australian Capital Territory (ABN 82 061 897 158).  Cambia is subject to regulation by ASIC and the Australian Taxation Office.  Cambia is ruled as income tax exempt and is a rebatable employer for the purpose of employee fringe benefit tax.  Cambia is both an Approved Research Institute (ARI) by the criteria of the Australian Taxation Office, and a Registered Research Agency (RRA), eligible for private sector R&D tax credits.   For government contracting, Cambia has Central Contractor Registration (CCR)  (ccrcambia), DUNS number (75-214-4378) and NCAGE code (Z0LA8).

As a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, Cambia operates in a similar manner to other private sector institutions but with key differences associated with its public-good mission and its corresponding tax-exempt status.  Cambia’s Governance Page lists the names of all its Directors, and provides the full text of Cambia’s Constitution, which is registered with the Australian Securities and Invesment Commission.

Cambia is financed by philanthropic organizations, by national and international research funding bodies, by official development assistance (ODA) and by licenses and voluntary fees associated with private sector use of Cambia’s technologies.