PatCite Analyzer

We are sure that science and technology influence and enable industry. But how do we map this and measure it? And how do we improve it?

The Lens has mined the global patent literature for citations of scholarly published work, and provides free and open tools to explore which articles influence what patents, held by what institutions. Investors and funding agencies can find whether the science they fund enables outcomes for society through new inventions and products.

Using this toolkit you can track, filter, sort, and link scholarly articles that are cited in patents, examine the citing patents, and discover new partners and collaborators. Influence Mapping provides an evidence base to guide decision-making and enables improved public policies and institutional practices.

Discover which scholarly articles have influenced what patents and who is using your scholarly work. Dynamic and interrogable, these maps allow you to identify important linkages, build networks of collaborations. The granularity of this tool allows you to gain real-time insights into how science and scholarship are shaping patent-based inventions and influencing subsets of economic activity.

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