Bioindicator Systems

Roses in a vineyard allow the grower to have advance notice of disease so that (s)he can decide on preventative measures.  This landscape describes biotechnological uses of the same concept for warning of land mines, nutrient conditions, diseases etc.

About this technology landscape

Authored by:  Shoko Okada and Marie Connett-Porceddu, CAMBIA 2006.   Support for this work came from the Rockefeller Foundation in a match to funding supplied to CAMBIA’s lab by the Lemelson Foundation for a grant proposal authored by Marie Connett-Porceddu and Richard Jefferson in 2005.  We are happy to express our appreciation for this funding. Text from the grant proposal was also used in this technology landscape.

We are grateful for format assistance from Nik Hatta and Stephanie Goodrick for content editing and to Heidi Loder for  proofreading.  As with any technology landscape, there will have been changes in patent status since the searches were done, and new publications may appear and new patents may issue.  If you notice that information in this landscape needs updating, help the community by posting a comment so that others will be aware of the information.