Gateway® Technology Landscape

This analysis was prepared by Dr. Brett Baillie with assistance from Dr. Marie Connett Porceddu in 2006.

What this Landscape is about

The focus of this technology landscape is the intellectual property rights that surround Gateway® Technology, used for molecular cloning by research groups throughout the world because it provided significant improvements in time and expense compared to older technologies. Its popularity and widespread use means that understanding the intellectual property encumbrances involved is crucial to anyone contemplating commercialisation or wide public distribution of any product made using the technology.

What this Landscape is NOT about

This landscape is not intended to provide a legal opinion about freedom to operate. The nature of patenting systems worldwide means that new patents and patent applications may appear at any time. Similarly, patents may lapse or patent applications may expire or be replaced by new applications. Finally, while a patent application may never have been filed or may have expired in your jurisdiction, you may still be prevented from using the technology to make products that will be distributed in jurisdictions where there is an active patent, or made to pay royalties later or stop using the technology when a new patent issues in a jurisdiction in which products have been imported.