Promoters Used to Regulate Gene Expression

Regulatory elements are crucial to gene expression. This paper discusses the patent landscape of some widely used transcriptional regulators that are constitutively active, spatially active (e.g. tissue-specific or tissue-preferred), and temporally active (e.g. induced or active in response to a certain chemical or physical stimulus) in plants.

About this technology landscape

  • This landscape was originally authored by Carolina Roa-Rodríguez with funding from the Rockefeller Foundation.  Except where a more recent date is noted on a page, text below was published in October 2003.  Some patents listed in 2003 have lapsed, and new ones have issued.
  • Certain sections of this landscape were updated in 2005-2006 by Dr. Wei Yang and Dr. Marie Connett Porceddu. Dates are shown on the pages that were updated.
  • We are grateful for legal input by Dr. Dianne Rees and for technical assistance from Dr Nick dos Remedios, Steve Irwin, and Annet Maurer for the web version.