For almost two decades, Cambia has created new biological enabling technologies, distributed, and supported these technologies globally.

In 2005, we launched as a experimental prototype for online collaborations to improve and extend our technologies under BiOS licensing schemes.  In 2008, BioForge as a web facility was re-integrated into CambiaLabs.  Unfortunately, the forum discussions are no longer available. Cambia strives to make enabling technologies in the life sciences available to anyone to improve or use in new innovations, both commercial and non-commercial.

Popular Projects

small_tobacco_smBacteria outside the genusAgrobacteriumcan be used for gene transfer to plants, recently published in Nature. TransBacter is a new method of gene transfer for plants – or indeed any eukaryotic organism – using bacterial species outside the genus Agrobacterium… Read More

small_gusplusg_smGUSPlus is one of the next generation of GUS reporter/ marker genes, allowing improvements to existing techniques and opening novel applications. GUSPlus™ is a new reporter gene for use in molecular biology. There are GUSPlus vectors for checking transformations and screening transformants, and special vectors for use with TransBacter strains… Read More

Legacy pCAMBIA Vectors 
small_legacypcambia_smDeveloping new vector technologies aimed at making DNA construction and reporter gene fusions less cumbersome. Plant transformation is now routine in hundreds of laboratories worldwide, using bacterially-mediated or direct DNA transfer methods such as bombardment… Read More

Other Items