CambiaLabs IP – Microbial genes for secreted β-glucuronidases, gene products and uses thereof (GUSPlus™)

Modified glucuronidase genes from Escherichia coli and glucuronidase genes from other microbes which encode forms of β-glucuronidase with different properties, e.g. those described in US patents 6,391,5476,641,9967,087,420 and 7,141,719.  Issued in Europe as European Patent 1012294, in Australia as Patent Number 760275, and in New Zealand as Patent Number 1485.   Published as WO 00/055333 and WO 99/13085 and pending in Brazil, Canada, Europe and Israel.

Secreted forms and thermophilic forms are provided. These genes and the proteins they encode may be used as effectors in transformation of plant cells, and for other uses in plant biotechnology, animal, human health and industrial applications.

These genes and use of the proteins they encode are available under a BiOS license, which allows both research and commercial application.

More information about GUSPlus and other glucuronidase genes