3 posts from year 2018

Sharpening insights into the innovation landscape with a new approach to patents

Microsoft Academic Graph (MAG) is updated weekly to keep up with the pace of scientific discoveries and technology advances. Just a few months ago, in our April 20, 2018 blog, we disclosed that the graph contained more than 173 million articles. As of July 31, 2018, that number had risen to more than 176 million. We update these numbers every time ...

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Factors that make an impact

Number of citations in academic papers is not always a good measure for the influence of applied research papers. In the vast majority of cases, scientists use public money to support their research. In return, the public wants to see real benefits, else the faucet risks running dry. These benefits can come in the form of fundamental advances or, ...

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Mapping the global influence of published research on industry and innovation

Measuring citations to scholarly works in the global patent literature enables assessment of the influence of published research on invention, industry and enterprise, at the individual and institutional level. Public research is critical to the economy and to society. However, tangible economic and social impact occurs only when research ...

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