Search Strategy

Patents covering the core Gateway technologies are stated in the Gateway Technology Manual available from the Invitrogen website (Invitrogen).  Retrieval of these patents and analysis of the terms used to describe the technology lead to the use of the terms in the following searches.

The patents discussed in this section were identified using the following search strategy.

Search details
Date of search 27 04 2006
Database searched Patent Lens, accessible at
Type of search Expert Search
Collections searched US-A, WO-A, US-B, EP-B, AU-B (add link to “Documents in  Collection” which will take you to a web page that describes the extent of the collection.)
Search terms (((((recombinational AND cloning) in abstract) OR ((recombinational AND cloning) in title)) AND ((invitrogen in applicant) OR ((life AND technologies) in applicant))))
Results 50
Comments Of the 50 results identified using these search terms, >30 results were identified as being of interest to Gateway technology based on their titles, abstracts, and/or claims.  However, we have chosen to analyse only a handful of these that specifically relate to donor vectors. By the very nature of the terms used, this search recovers patent documents relating to recombinational cloning products and methods assigned to Invitrogen (the owner of Gateway technology).

You may find other patents or applications of interest based on your particular circumstances.  We encourage you to go to the Patent Lens to adapt this search to your needs or to update this search.  We invite you to provide comments on patents or applications that you see below or that you identify in your own searches which may be of interest to those reading this landscape, by going to the Add Comment link.