Applications Claiming H5 or N1 or Both

For these applications, PAIR on the USPTO web site was consulted to determine which nucleotide sequences are currently pending.  The applications shown in the table below all claim an H5 and/or an N1 segment.  The MedImmune patent application is directed to a live virus that would raise immunity to H5N1, but which does not cause disease itself.  If these claims are granted (as seems likely), the claims are not very broad; claim 17 requires specific sequences or origins of seven of the genome segments.  The two WARF patent applications are drawn to a similar type of virus to raise immunity to H1N1.

The last column shows the non U.S. jurisdictions where related patent applications are filed. No information is provided here regarding the status of these applications.

Of the 4 applications in the table below, 3 are assigned to non-profit organizations and one is assigned to a corporation.

Application No. Assignee Title Sequences Currently Pending and Corresponding Segment Status Other Jurisdictions with Family Members
20060008473 MedImmune Vaccines, Inc. Influenza hemagglutinin and neuraminidase variants 5 – segment 4 (encoding H5)

6 – segment 6 (encoding N1)

Pending; Final Rejection Mailed

Cl 17:  A reassortment virus, with 6 internal genome segments from influenza strain
A/Ann Arbor/6/60 and at least HA encoded by SEQ ID NO: 5.

Cl 24:  An immunogenic amount of reassortment virus further comprising a nucleic acid encoding NA selected from ID 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20.

Related application US 2005-0287172 has similar claim to claim 17, but drawn to NA having amino acid sequence of SEQ ID NO: 16 and SEQ ID NO: 5 encoding HA.

Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan
20080003203 National Tsing Hua University Pseudotyped baculovirus to stimulate immunogenicity against avian influenza 2 – segment 4 encoding H5 Pending; Ready for Examination

Claims are directed to vectors that encode viral proteins, including H5.

20050003349 Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) High titer recombinant influenza viruses for vaccines and gene therapy 3 – segment 1
2 – segment 2
1 – segment 3
7 – segment 4 encoding H1
4 – segment 5
8 – segment 6 encoding N1
5 – segment 7
6 – segment 8
Pending; Final Action Mailed

Cl 8:  High titre reassortment virus comprising plurailty of vectors for vRNA production and vectors for mRNA production.

Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Europe, Japan, Korea, Norway, South Africa
20070231348 Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation High titer recombinant influenza viruses for vaccines 3 – segment 1
2  – segment 2
1  – segment 3
7   – segment 4 encoding H1
4 – segment 5
8  – segment 6 encoding N1
5  – segment 7
38   – segment 8
Pending; Restriction requirement mailed (response due 2008.05.28)

Claims are directed to vectors that produce a 7:1 reassortment virus.