GusPlus Project

Note: Cambia is no longer distributing these vectors, however here you can access the technical information



We are facilitating a CAMBIA BioForge project committed to co-develop modular components of field biological instruments that can be assembled to provide valuable, timely and of little cost, in order to measure and monitor the status of agricultural and natural resources. We believe such an opportunity will empower local choices to better manage both agricultural systems and the environment.

What is available in this project?

Ordering pCAMBIA GUSPlusTM

Please visit the CAMBIA materials website to download the request form for the use of pCAMBIA GUSPlus. For non-profit and research organisations the complete kit of new pCAMBIA  GUSPlusTM vectors costs US$250, individual vectors cost US$150.00 for the first vector and US$75.00 additional vector (+ shipping). If you wish to execute a license for the use of materials, please contact us at