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GUSPlus is now available in the following vector formats (see also BioForge Transbacter , for other or more specific vectors that are designed specifically for use with Transbacter):

pCAMBIA1305.1 (Genbank acc no. AF354045).

  • This vector is based on pCAMBIA1301, in which the E. coli gusA gene has been replaced by GUSPlus. It is a compact binary vector with the pBR322 ori and bom sites for high copy replication in E.coli and transmission by mating (or electroporation). It contains the broad host range pVS1 ori for low copy, stable replication in Agrobacterium and other gene transfer competent bacteria. It contains the hygromycin resistance gene (hptII) for selection in plants. The GUSPlus gene contains an intron from the castor bean catalase gene to prevent expression by bacteria and ensure detection of plant-expressed glucuronidase activity. Researchers can excise the GUSPlus gene and insert their own gene of interest in its place or use these vectors to create fusions of GUSPlus with their gene of interest (If you have created a pCAMBIA vector derivative and would like to share it with other researchers, please let us know ).
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pCAMBIA1305.2 (Genbank acc no. AF354046).

  • Same as pCAMBIA1305.1 except for the presence of the rice glycine-rich protein signal peptide sequence (GRP) inserted between the NcoI and BglII sites.
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  • Same as pCAMBIA1305.1 except that the nptII bacterial kanamycin resistance gene has been replaced by aadA1, conferring resistance to spectinomycin and streptomycin. Derivative vectors such as 1105.1RC or 1105.1U have different multiple cloning sites to suit various needs.
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  • Same as pCAMBIA1105.1 except that the 322bp PvuII polylinker fragment has been replaced by a 403bp polylinker fragment from pCR2.1 (Invitrogen). At CAMBIA the R-vectors are used exclusively in non-Agrobacterium species. By following this practice we can be cautiously confident that transformants displaying the different polylinker sequence result from transformation another gene transfer competent bacterium and not from contaminating A.tumefaciens. We suggest that other users follow this practice wherever possible. pCAMBIA1105.1RRC has a modified multiple cloning site with rare enzymes to facilitate various cloning strategies.
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  • Derived from pCAMBIA1105.1 and contains the GRP-GUSPlus gene for secreted GUS activity. This and pCAMBIA 0305.2 are the vectors of choice for generating transformants without using a selectable marker gene. However, you are still using the 35S promoter (unless you replace it), which could be subject to the IP rights of others in some jurisdictions. We’re trying to work around that too – if you have a replacement constitutive promoter you’d like to make widely available for use and improvement through a BiOS license, please talk to us!
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  • Derived from pCAMBIA1305.2 and contains the GRP-GUSPlus gene for secreted GUS activity, but no selectable marker gene.
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GUSPlus Vectors
General features pCAMBIA 1305.1 pCAMBIA 1305.2 pCAMBIA 1105.1 pCAMBIA 1105.1R pCAMBIA 0105.1R pCAMBIA 0305.2
pUC18 multiple cloning site Yes Yes Yes No (pCR2.1) No (pCR2.1) Yes
Blue/white beta-galactosidase screening Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
High copy plasmid in E. coli Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Triparental mating possible Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
GUSPlus replacement of gusA as reporter gene Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hexa-His GUSPlus purification Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
GUSPlus secreted to apoplastic space No Yes No No No Yes
Can be maintained in Agrobacterium without selection (if necessary, not recommended) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bacterial antibiotic selection Kan 50ug/mL Kan 50ug/mL Strep/Spec 100ug/mL Strep/Spec 100ug/mL Strep/Spec 100ug/mL Kan 50ug/mL
Plant antibiotic selection Hygromycin Hygromycin Hygromycin Hygromycin None. Screen for secreted GUS activity. None. Screen for secreted GUS activity.
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