CambiaLabs IP – A Gene Coding for Glucuronide Permease

The invention relates to the gene encoding the transport protein glucuronide permease. Expression of glucuronide permease in transformants allows cellular uptake of β-glucuronides. This system can conveniently be used together with GUS gene fusions because it permits the detection of β-glucuronidase activity in vivo. In addition, glucuronide permease also can be used in a method to selectively alter the permeability of cells. Because of the variety of substances that can be conjugated to β-glucuronides, glucuronide permease provides cellular entrance for a multitude of compounds.  Issued in Australia as Patent Number 620827. Issued in Denmark as PR173224, in France, Belgium, and Germany as 3,853,955, and in Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Sweden as Patent Number 0383808. Issued in Great Britain as GB 2229184.

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