CambiaLabs IP – Methods for Genotyping by Hybridization Analysis (Diversity Arrays Technology, DArT™)

This invention provides methods for determining the genotype of organisms by hybridization analysis and, more specifically, to establishing the relatedness of individual organisms within a species. The invention comprises diversity panels of nucleic acid molecules, in which the molecules are addressable or uniquely identifiable in some fashion. The separated nucleic acid products of the diversity panel are then delivered onto a substrate to create an addressable array and hybridized with labeled nucleic acids. The genotype of an organism is determined by the pattern of hybridization. Issued in the United States as Patent Number 6,713,258, in NZ as Patent Number 541626, and in Australia as Patent No. 2001260520.  Pending in Brazil, Canada, Europe and Mexico. Published as WO 01/73119.

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Technical information about Diversity Arrays Technology (DArT), and improvements by CAMBIA and licensees