CambiaLabs IP – Methods for Site-Associated Modification of Gene Activity and Nucleic Acid (Trans-activation)

This invention may be a useful “work-around” for many patent claims on promoters which requires that the promoter be operably linked to the gene of interest. Structures and methods for generating transgenic plants that have modified gene activity or modified nucleic acid structure are provided. The plants may be grown from seeds derived from a cross between two transgenic plants, or a plant transformed using two unlinked loci. One has a gene encoding a nucleic acid binding molecule under control of a minimal promoter and the other has a recognition sequence for the nucleic acid binding molecule. When the gene encoding the binding molecule is in the vicinity of an endogenous gene, the binding molecule is expressed and activates endogenous gene(s) located near the recognition sequence. Published asWO 01/21781.

Available under a BiOS license which allows both research and commercial use.  Contact for more information.

Technical information on Trans-activation and constructs that can be obtained from CAMBIA.