CambiaLabs IP – Vertebrate Telomerase and Splice Variants

These patents over the hTERT gene were filed at nearly the same time as patents held by Geron, but cover the splice variants the Geron patents do not. Issued in the United States as US 6,916,642, US 6,846,662, AU 1998/82854 B2 and Korea as Patent Number 581990.   Applications are pending as US 2005/176022, NZ 501,962, Brasil P19810643-0, Canada 2,294,792, China 98808383.3, EP 04026579.5, HK 01101501.9, Israel 133830, Japan 11-508771, Mexico 000196, and WO 1999/001560.

Available under a BiOS license, which allows both research and commercial use.  Contact for more information on licensing or receiving hTERT clone under an MTA.

Want information about how CAMBIA plans to use telomerase/hTERT intellectual property rights, and how you can help?