CambiaLabs IP – Biological Gene Transfer System for Eukaryotic Cells (TransBacter™)

This invention relates generally to technologies for the transfer of nucleic acids molecules to eukaryotic cells. In particular non-pathogenic species of bacteria that interact with plant cells are used to transfer nucleic acid sequences. The bacteria for transforming plants usually contain binary vectors, such as a plasmid with a vir region of a Ti plasmid and a plasmid with a T region containing a DNA sequence of interest. Patents pending are published in the United States as US 2005/0289672 and US 2005/0289667, and as PCT Publication WO 2006/004914, and as European Patent EP 1781082 and as application number 200580029146.8 in China.

Vectors and strains, and use for applications in biotechnology, are available under a BiOS license, which allows both research and commercial application in worldwide fields of use royalty-free.  Contact for more information.

Technical information about TransBacter