A bar gene from Streptomyces sp.

The remaining patents in the dominant family now owned by Bayer Crop Science are discussed below. All of the remaining patents protect the bar gene specifically isolated from species of Streptomyces. The patents cover both a) a process for the production of a plant cell tolerant or resistant to glufosinate (PPT) or any compound containing the PPT moiety, by nuclear integration of a compound-specific acetyl transferase gene (US 5646024) and b) a plant transformation vector carrying such a gene (US 5648477). A summary of the claims of these patents and other related patents are found in the table below.

Bayer Crop Science portfolio
(original assignees Plant Genetic Systems NV and Biogen NV)
EP 242246 B1 11 Nov 1992 A DNA fragment coding for a PAT gene isolated from a defined S. hygroscopicus strain and used in processes as described in EP 242236.
US 5646024 8 July 1997 The patent claims the transformation of a plant cell with the bar gene isolated from Streptomyces sp, the expression of which inhibits herbicidal effects of Bialaphos. Recombinant vectors containing such a fragment are also claimed.
US 5648477 15 July 1997 The patent claims a vector containing a foreign DNA fragment capable of inac tivating a GS inhibitor. A dependent claim then specifies that the inhibitor is phosphinothricin.
Related Patents and Application The following patents are related to the PGS assigned patent family (including the dominant patents).
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