US 5648477

The following patent claims only methods involved in producing a plant cell resistant to glufosinate.

US 5648477
Title Genetically engineered plant cells and plants exhibiting resistance to glutamine synthetase inhibitors, DNA fragments and recombinants for use in the production of said cells and plants
Issue Date 15 July 1997
Assignees Bayer Crop Science
Inventors Leemans J, Botterman J, Thompson C, Mouva R
Appl No and filing date US 08/477,320 7 June 1995
Priority US 07/131,140 05-11-1987 (WO 87/05629); US 08/477,320 07-06-1995; EP 86/400521 11-03-1986; EP 87/400141 21-01-1987; division of US 07/525,300 17-05-1990
Abstract The invention relates to a DNA fragment containing a determined gene, the expression of which inhibits the antibiotic and herbicidal effects of Bialaphos and related products. It also relates to recombinant vectors, containing such DNA fragment, which enable this protective gene to be introduced and expressed into cells and plant cells.

The claims of this patent are directed to vectors carrying a gene encoding an enzymatic activity capable of inactivating a glutamine synthetase inhibitor by acetylation. Such genes would comprise a bar gene (as specified in Claim 2) as well as an acetyl transferase capable of inactivating an unspecified inhibitor, not necessarily phosphinothricin.

Independent Claim 1 recites a vector which contains not only a gene that inactivates a glutamine synthetase inhibitor but also includes a plant promoter. Claim 25 extends the protection of the patent to any vector that contains the coding DNA fragment, regardless of the promoter that is used.