CA 1278540

CA 1278540
Claim 1A DNA encoding all the amino acids of hygromycin B phosphotransferase except with reference to the N-terminus of the naturally occurring hygromycin B phosphotransferase molecule, the first, the first and second, or the first, second and third amino acids, either alone or in translational phase with a gene or portion of a gene,

said gene or portion thereof containing a transcriptional and translational activator sequence,
subject to the limitation that said DNA is not associated with the transcriptional and translational activator sequence of plasmid pKC203 as obtainable from E. coli JR225 deposited with ATCC under accession number ATCC 31912,

said DNA encoding the following amino acid sequence:
[sequence] wherein m and n=0 or 1, subject to the limitation that when n=0, then m=0 and when m=1, then n=1, and
wherein MET is methionine, LYS is lysine, PRO is proline, GLU is glutamic acid, LEU is leucine, THR is threonine, ALA is alanine, SER is serine, VAL is valine, PHE is phenylalanine, ILE is isoleucine, GLY is glycine, ASP is aspartic acid, GLN is glutamine, ARG is arginine, CYS is cysteine, TRP is tryptophan, ASN is asparagine, HIS is histidine and TYR is tyrosine.

Claim 34*
The plasmid pIT207.*The same as claim 30 of the United States patent.
Claim 35**A plasmid selected from the group consisting of plasmids pIT141, pIT143, pIT212, pIT213, pIT215, pIT217, and pIT219.

**The same as claim 46 of the United States patent.