EP 186425 B1

EP 186425 B1
Claim 1
A chimeric gene functional in a plant cell that comprises a coding region that confers hygromycin resistance on the cell, wherein the hygromycin resistance is capable of providing the basis for selection of the cell.
Claim 21
Plasmid pCEL30 shown in Figure 1 and obtainable from NRRL B-15915.
Claim 22
Plasmid pCEL40 shown in Figure 2 and derivable by ligating the Bgl II digest of plasmid pCEL30, which plasmid pCEL30 is obtainable from NRRL B-15915, and the 1.3 kb BamH I-Bgl II fragment of plasmid pOW20, which plasmid pOW20 is obtainable from NRRL B15838.