Patenting of Arabidopsis Sequences by For-Profit Companies

Genome Coverage in Applications and Patents by For-Profit Companies

A number of companies have claimed Arabidopsis genes sequences in U.S. patent applications and issued patents. Here we present graphs showing the percentage of each chromosome that is claimed in patent applications and patents assigned to seven different companies.

For the plots below, the percent coverage for each rice chromosome is shown. For example, if the entire sequence of a particular Arabidopsis chromosome were claimed in patents or applications, the plot would read 100% for that chromosome. The Y axes show the percent coverage, and the X-axes show the chromosome of the Arabidopsis genome. Note: the scales of the Y axes have been adjusted to reflect the data for each company.

  • BASF (includes American Cyanamid)
  • Bayer (includes Aventis, Rhone-Poulenc, Plant Genetic Systems, Hoechst, Proagro, Agrevo, Biogentic, Planttec, Sementes, Nunza, Agrinomics, and Rorer)
  • Dow (includes Mycogen and Dowelanco)
  • DuPont (includes Pioneer)
  • HySeq (includes Nuvelo and Variagenics)
  • Monsanto (includes Calgene, Delta Pine, Seminis, Agracetus, Dekalb, Emergent, Produsem, Mahendra, Stoneville, and Pharmacia)
  • Paradigm (includes Icoria)
  • Sembiosys
  • Syngenta (includes Torrey Mesa, Zeneca, Ciba Geigy, Novartis, Advanta, Garst, Agripro, and Danisco)