US 7223904

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US 7223904 B2

  • Earliest priority – 18 Feb 1999
  • Filed – 22 Nov 2002
  • Granted – 29 May 2007
  • Expected expiry – 15 Jul 2020
Title – Plant gene sequences II

Claim 1
A transgenic plant transformed with a polynucleotide comprising a nucleotide sequence; wherein the nucleotide sequence encodes a polypeptide having at least 90% amino acid sequence identity to SEQ ID NO: 162, the polypeptide is a member of the Myb protein family, and the polypeptide comprises a Myb domain;wherein the polypeptide regulates expression of at least one gene;and wherein when the polypeptide is expressed in the transgenic plant, said expression results in the transgenic plant having greater tolerance to heat as compared to a wild-type plant of the same species.

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