The appendix includes patent law tutorials and reference material.

  • What You Need to Know About Patents
  • What are patent claims?
  • Importation and Patent Infringement
  • Continuation Applications and Their Affect on the Public Availability of Material Disclosed (But Not Claimed) in Patents
  • What are bulk sequence applications?
  • The Basis for Hybridisation Language
  • The Applicant or the Assignee of a Patent May Not Be the Actual Holder of the Patent Rights

What You Need to Know About Patents

Below are some important patent law concepts that are important for understanding the Rice Genome Landscape:

  1. The claims define the scope of protection of a patent.
  2. A patent application is not the same as a patent.
  3. There is no such thing as an international patent.
  4. The entity that has the patent rights may not be the owner listed on the patent document.
  5. Individual patents have a limited lifetime.