Innovation Support from CAMBIA

CAMBIA is continuously working to develop new tools and functionalities to support innovators worldwide.

CAMBIA provides tools such as the Patent Lens to enable patent and patent sequence searching.

The complexity of the patent system, unfortunately, can result in fear, uncertainty and doubt about what valid intellectual property rights exist. The existence of a patent does not necessarily mean that the claims are in force (e.g., maintenance fees or annuities might not have been paid) or valid (e.g., a court may have invalidated one or more claims). For this and other reasons, CAMBIA provides the Patent Lens, a free online resource that aims to increase transparency in the patent system.

The Patent Lens is a fast, free, full-text searchable patent database containing documents from the largest patenting jurisdictions for the life sciences.  It holds over 8 million patent documents and is updated regularly.

The Patent Lens provides not only the ability to search and look at technology described in patents, but also to explore where patents may not be in force.  The patent status and patent family database allows patent searchers to check for information provided by the national patent offices on the dynamic status of patents and related patent applications in over 40 countries.

CAMBIA’S Patent Sequence Server

Finding nucleotide and amino acid sequences associated with patent applications and granted patents is often a hit-or-miss situation. Sequence listings are not always provided with a published application or patent, and when they are, they are not always in a text format that is compatible with conventional sequence analysis tools such as BLAST. To address this issue, CAMBIA has created a sequence server that allows a user to enter a patent (or patent publication number) and retrieve any sequences associated with that patent or application. The sequence server also provides links to the sequence at GenBank (if available) as well as BLAST.

CAMBIA provides tutorial material to explain patent law to non-patent professionals.

The Patent Lens facilitates learning about what patent rights apply where, by providing tutorials, IP analyses, and information about patents around the world.

Patent Landscapes

CAMBIA’S technology landscapes provide an overview of the patenting activity in important technology areas. We are in the process of integrating new patent informatics tools and features into the landscapes as we develop them. As such, our patent landscapes are “works in progress” that will continue to evolve with the new tools.

BiOS licenses

BiOS (Biological Open Source) is a legally enforceable framework to enable the sharing of the capability to use patented and non-patented technology, which may include materials and methods, within a dynamically expanding group of those who all agree to the same principles of responsible sharing, a “protected commons”.  Those who join a BiOS “concordance” agree not to assert IP rights against each others’s use of the technology to do research, or to develop products either for profit or for public good.  BiOS-compatible agreements can support both freedom to operate, and freedom to cooperate.