Chapter 5: Identification of Granted Patents that Claim Rice Genome Sequences

In our analysis, we have used MEGABLAST to compare the rice genome to all of the nucleotide sequences that are mentioned in the claims of granted patents. Using this approach, we have identified a large number granted patents that recite a nucleotide sequence in a claim that has a high degree of similarity to a nucleotide sequence of the rice genome. All of the sequences identified using this approach have a BLAST E value that is less than 1e-200 and are at least 150 nucleotides in length. See our methods page in Chapter 4 for more details about how we compiled the sequences used for the MEGABLAST analysis.


Using MEGABLAST, we identified a total of 248 matches between rice genome nucleotide sequences and sequences that are recited in the claims of granted U.S. patents. The 248 matches are disclosed in 173 granted patents. Information about the 173 granted patents are provided in this chapter along with links to the pertinent sequences in CAMBIA’s patent sequence server.