Light-regulated promoters

IP issues

The IP portfolio of Calgene Inc includes a United States patent that claims the use of light responsive promoters in plant cells. It is the only patent to date that has been issued with a relatively broad scope. The individual claims of this patent are discussed in detail below.

The other patents presented in this section relate to light-regulated promoters isolated from genes of specific organisms. The University of Warwick in UK, Suntory LTD in Japan andMycogen Plant Sciences in the USA have filed patents on the use of promoters whose expression is induced by light, such as a promoter isolated from myxobacterium and promoters whose expression is inhibited by light exposure, such as a promoter isolated from a pea gene.

The following tables contains some bibliographic information about the patents and patent applications filed by the above mentioned entities and a brief summary of the most important aspects of the protected invention in the case of granted patents and of the claims as filed for patent applications.

The patents are classified according to whether the promoters are Light-inducible or Light-repressible.