Synthetic promoters

Scientific aspects

As mentioned in the introductory information about promoters, a set of minimum elements are required for an active eukaryotic promoter. Among those elements are the TATA box, the transcription start site or CAP site and the CCAAT consensus sequence, which is required for accurate transcription.

From the sequences of these elements in diverse organisms, it is possible to synthesize consensus sequences that may work across different organisms and are not necessarily derived from a particular organism.

The group of patents under this section are directed to promoters whose parts are synthesized as consensus sequences of the promoter elements found in nature.

IP issues

Two families of patents directed to synthetic promoters and promoter elements have been filed by Pioneer Hi-Bred international Inc. The first patent family includes two granted patents in the U.S. and Australia and a couple of European applications and one Canadian application. The second patent family consists of patent applications filed in Australia, United States, Europe, Canada and a PCT application. The two patent families are unrelated.