The present patent claims a method to transform a corm tissue from a Gladiolus plant with a vir+ A. tumefaciens.
The patent is thus limited to a gladiolus corm (an underground stem modified into a mass storage tissue) as the tissue to be transformed.
Other types of gladiolus tissues are not encompassed by the claims.

Specific Patent Information

Patent Number Title, Independent Claims and Summary of Claims Assignee
US 5340730

  • Earliest priority – 31 March 1988
  • Filed – 17 June 1992
  • Granted – 23 August 1994
  • Expired – 25 September 2002 (due to non-payment of maintenance fees)
Title – Process for Transforming Gladiolus

Claim 1A method of producing a transformed Gladiolus plant comprising:

A) removing a piece of tissue from a corm;
B) inoculating the tissue with vir+ Agrobacterium tumefaciens strain;
C) incubating the inoculated tissue until a tumor forms;
D) culturing at least a portion of the tumor in hormone-free medium until a cormel forms; and
E) growing the cormel to produce the transformed plant.

University of Toledo

Remarks This patent has been abandoned according to the USPTO database. While there don’t seem to be any patents with specific claims to Gladiolus transformation using Agrobacterium, other patents related to general methods or transformation of monocots still may apply.

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