What is the present white paper NOT about?

This white paper is not intended to make the reader an expert in patents nor will it serve as a legal opinion for the reader’s particular issues.  It should not be substituted for legal advice.

To learn more about patents and patentability, please visit our companion tutorial, “How to read a patent” and web sites such as the web site of the United States Patent Office and the web site of the World Intellectual Property Organization. Other resource sites may be found on the Links page.

The user should especially note that the materials provided in this site are not comprehensive. In particular, we do not analyze patents directed to methods of using or transforming eukaryotic cells or components of eukaryotic or bacterial vectors that are also used in agricultural R&D. Some of these patents may dominate the agricultural patents discussed on this site. As well, we present only a selected set of patents and applications. The set represents what we consider to be key in the field. It is inevitable that others would have a different opinion about what is key and, as a result, may well have chosen a different set of patents.

This white paper presents an overview of the field of Agrobacterium– mediated transformation with respect to intellectual property. The reader should gain an appreciation for the complexities of the field and insight into the types of intellectual property directed to this field.