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The PCT disclosure refers to transformation of monocot plants with Agrobacterium using vacuum infiltration. The explant to be transformed is a flower . The monocot flower is in contact with a solution containing Agrobacterium while the vacuum is applied. An apparatus to carry out the vacuum infiltration is also described.

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WO 0112828 A1

  • Earliest priority – 18 August 1999
  • Filed – 17 August 2000
  • OPI – 22 February 2001
  • Expected expiry – N/A
Title – Methods and apparatus for transformation of monocotyledonous plants using Agrobacterium in combination with vacuum filtration

Claim 1An in planta method of transforming a monocotyledonous plant comprising:

A) contacting at least one flower of the monocotyledonous plant with a solution or suspension comprising an Agrobacterium clone; and
B) subjecting said plant to a vacuum effective to cause entry of the Agrobacterium clone into at least one flower of the plant.

Claim 40An apparatus for the transformation of a monocotyledonous plant, comprising:

  1. a vacuum chamber of sufficient size to contain at least one monocotyledonous plant;
  2. means for generating a vacuum;
  3. a connector that connects the means for generating a vacuum with the vacuum chamber; and
  4. means for affixing the monocotyledonous plant inside the vacuum chamber.

The  PCT application claims:

  • an in planta method of transforming a monocot flower by contacting at least one flower with Agrobacterium in suspension or in solution and applying vacuum to cause the entry of Agrobacterium into the plant flower.
  • an apparatus for transforming a monocot plant comprising a vacuum chamber of sufficient size to contain the plant, means to generate the vacuum and affix the plant inside the chamber.

The present application also contains independent claims reciting methods for transforming rice plants. They are discussed under the section Particular monocots – Rice.

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Remarks A related patent application filed in Australia (AU 67807/00) has lapsed on 2 May 2002.

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