Patents granted to Max-Planck

Two patents granted to the Max-Planck Society (Germany) related to basic forms of co-integrated vectors have issued in Europe (EP) and in Australia (AU).

In general, the claims of both patents are directed to the same invention:

  • hybrid plasmids that are the product of co-integration, through a single crossover event, of acceptor Ti plasmids and intermediate cloning vectors.

The difference between the two patents lies in the way the claims are written. In the European patent, the plasmids are claimed as vector combinations. In the Australian patent, each vector that is part of the co-integration process is independently claimed.

Two European applications were directed to basic features of co-integrated vectors, both of which are now granted with amendments in the independent claims. One application disclosed a recombinant plant DNA that results from transformation with Agrobacterium having a hybrid vector that has a gene of interest.

The second application disclosed a non-oncogenic Ti plasmid and an intermediate vector used for the formation of a co-integrated vector. Either the plasmid or the vector contains a plant-expressible gene under the control of a promoter that is linked to at least a right T-DNA border.