In planta transformation


The following patents are directed to the transformation of a plant in vivo with Agrobacterium, in which the inoculation and co-cultivation process with Agrobacterium takes place as the plant develops normally.

As described in some of the patents, some advantages of this methodology derive from a close analogy to Agrobacterium‘s natural environment for transformation and the production of non-chimeric transgenic progeny from seeds of a treated plant when floral tissue is transformed.

Cotton Inc., Paradigm Genetics Inc , and Rhobio patents and applications are presented here.

Cotton Inc. claims

  • the introduction of Agrobacterium into the floral tissue of a plant using a needleless-injection device. Development of transformed seed takes place in the plant.

Paradigm Genetics Inc claims (Update July 2003)

  • a method for preparing a transformed plant or seed in which the Agrobacterium carrying the DNA to be transformed is grown to a certain density, diluted in an aqueous medium and then applied to floral tissues for transformation.

Rhobio claims

  • the transformation of any tissue of a plant with Agrobacterium at the time when the tissue is still in its natural plant environment. Once transformed, the tissue is removed from the plant and regenerated in vitro.

The Australian and PCT applications filed by Performance Plants Inc. disclosing a method to transform plants in vivo with A. tumefaciens were abandoned on June 1, 2000 and onOctober 18, 2000, respectively.